Spazio Contract realizes turnkey working environments, planning, team coordination ( suppliers, installers, professionals, craftsmen) and an overall control on all the working processes in accordance with the client’s specific requests: construction works, plasterboard, false ceiling, raised floors, wall partitions and units, lighting, furniture, curtains, furnishings, communication systems, technological systems, global service-moving, custom-tailoring. A service based on experience, know-how and the selection of the partners that enables us to fulfill the fixed delivery date, estimated costs and work quality, offering to the client the maximum guarantee and the advantage to have a single contact point that will manage the entire order.



Designing working environments is a very complex job that needs the contribution of different professionals and specialists. Spazio Contract has developed a multidisciplinary method that can help deal with and resolve all the technical aspects in a sustainable way and can support the client’s decision-making process in order to let the office environment be a strong point of the mission statement. Spazio Contract is the ideal partner for the management of all office related problems: from the strategic analysis to the planning and advice stages (space-planning, integrated designs, working plans, interior design, supervision of works) to the delivery of the work.



The modern working methods force us to constantly look for flexible and reconfigurable office layouts. Spazio Contract can provide a wide selection of office furniture systems: starting from a pre-arranged layout or one developed by our design team it can set out complete and diversified proposals, relying on the most well-known and prestigious suppliers in order to offer thorough solutions to our clients. Thanks to modular and technological programs, it’s possible to design ergonomic, functional and excellent office areas – executive and operative offices, meeting rooms, seats, receptions, partition walls, accessories and storage solutions – planning every environment with rationality and accuracy but also with a fantasy touch and formal creativity.  



Fase preliminare per verificare lo stato attuale degli ambienti di lavoro, i loro punti di criticità e i relativi rischi in tema di adeguamento alle prescrizioni del nuovo protocollo di sicurezza.

Redazione progetto con dettaglio di tutti gli interventi necessari da effettuare per la messa in sicurezza degli ambienti di lavoro

Direzione e coordinamento lavori, space-moving di arredi, attrezzature, dispositivi di sicurezza quali barriere anticontagio, pannelli antifiato, segnaletica interna, adesivi calpestabili, strumenti tecnologici come termoscanner, lampade UV-C, sanificazione aria, tutto come pianificato nel progetto di adeguamento.

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